Ferradura Valley

The Ferradura Valley Park, located 13 km from the center of Canela, provides tourists with an integration with nature, with viewpoints for the breathtaking Ferradura Valley, the Caçador Creek Cascade and the Santa Cruz River. A special area for the whole family with trails and structure of barbecue, playground and snack bar.

At the top of the 420-meter canyon is the Ferradura Valley - where the Santa Cruz River forms the horseshoe that gives the place its name. The privileged view of the Arroio Caçador waterfall, the green and the fresh air are perfect complements for the 4 tracks, 3 lookouts and the structure of 8 grills, playground and snack bar, in a total area of ​​approximately 200 hectares.

The area of ​​the park is part of the Caí river basin. In this basin, there are 11 municipal and / or private Conservation Units, two state - Jacuí Delta State Park and Caracol State Park - and one federal - Canela National Forest.

The Ferradura Valley has a variety of microhabitats, with areas that are more exposed to sunshine, wind and subject to human interference, as well as totally protected areas, shaded, humid and subject to periodic flooding. The preservation of these remnants allied to the activity of environmental education as well as leisure, as a form of recreational leisure, is extremely important.

The Araucaria trees, which produce the delicious pine nuts, are the majority in the park and attract wild animals such as Quati, Cutia, Macaco-nail and Blue Clam, important for the multiplication of trees.


  • Lookout Valley of the Horseshoe
It is the main viewpoint of the Ferradura Valley. From it you appreciate the view of the Cascade of Arroio Caçador and have an overview.

  • Lookout of the Arroio Valley Hunter
It provides an impressive view of the Arroio Cazador valley. Access is by a light trail - about 2 minutes.

  • Lookout of the Cascade of Arroio Caçador
It provides an impressive view of the Caño Arroio cascade. Here you go down 50 meters and the trail is a little steeper.


  • Trail Rio Caí
There are 350 meters of trail, starting at 750 meters high and ending at 400 meters high, at the point where the Caçador stream flows into the Caí River. It is the main trail of the park, with greater level of difficulty, by the slope of the ground. It will take you 60 minutes to get off, and 2 hours to go up.

As the Caí River trail can be divided into four sections, you do not have to make it whole. Check out the excerpts:

- The first one leads to two viewpoints, located at 700 meters of height and from where one has a beautiful view of the cascade of the Caçador stream.

- The second stretch goes from 700 up to 550 meters in height and is the longest and easiest.

- The third stretch begins at 550 meters high, where the trails of the Rio Caí and the Portico meet, and ends at 450 meters high, in the bed of the stream Caçador, above the waterfall.

- The fourth and last section goes from 450 to 400 meters in height and is the most difficult because the slope is steep and the humidity conditions are high. Interesting is that part of this stretch is subject to splashes of water, because it accompanies the fall of the waterfall. It ends at the foot of the cascading stream Caçador and the banks of the Caí River, in a flat area, place for a well-deserved rest.

  • Porch Trail
The trail of the Portico has 200 meters, starting at 750 meters high and ending at 550 meters high, where it meets the trail of the Caí River. In it there is a corner known as Cascata do Graxaim, and araucarias and xaxins can be admired.

  • Trail of the Cotias
It's a beautiful trail, with lots of shade, no physical effort, for all ages and physical conditioning. It can be said that, more than a trail, it is a walk in the middle of nature. It is in the range between 700 and 750 meters in height, in the plateau of the park, above the trail of the Portico. Enjoy the beautiful landscape of cacti and bromeliads in the more rocky area.

  • Pinguela Trail
It is also between 700 and 750 meters high, but facing the beautiful view of the Ferradura Valley. The trail of the Pinguelas accompanies a small stream and you enjoy the shade of the treetops.

Location and general information

The Vale da Ferradura park is in the Serra Gaúcha, in Canela RS, 13 km from the center, at Km 6 of RS 466, better known as Estrada do Caracol. The park is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday from 9am to 5pm. In summer, when the sun sets very late in the Southern Region, this time can be extended.

To get there, take the Estrada do Caracol, which is located just after arriving in Canela, coming from Gramado, and always follow this route, following the signs. After the Caracol Park, the road is dirt, for a few kilometers.

The ticket costs R $ 12,00 for adults and R $ 6,00 for children.

Guests of the Laje de Pedra Hotel & Resort have discount at the entrance to the Ferradura Valley Park. More information with Concierge, directly at the hotel or concierge@lajedepedra.com.br .